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Report a Crime Against History

  • Have you seen a cultural item for sale online?
  • Have you seen an archaeological site damaged by looting or vandalism?
  • Did you see someone actively looting?
  • Do you know someone who steals from sites?
  • Do you know someone who buys or sells artifacts or human remains?
SAVE HISTORY offers a $1,000 reward for information
leading to a conviction

Call or text our tip line: 1-833-ENDLOOT or  click here to submit a report.

Things to Know before you call

Safety First!

  • If you see a looter in the act, get to a safe place and call 911.
  • Do not confront active looters. They may be armed and dangerous.
  • Do not investigate. You could damage important evidence.
  • Leave immediately and promptly report. Take notes on any details you remember.

Common Suspect Behaviors in the Field

  • Trespassing hikers or campers on Indian lands
  • Scouting archaeological sites, especially at night
  • Hiding equipment or artifacts at sites
  • Possession of artifacts, human remains, or tools
  • Vehicles parked in remote areas or near an archaeological site
  • Use of heavy machinery or earth-moving equipment in remote areas or near an archaeological site

Common Suspect Behaviors at Home

  • Suspicious nighttime visits to public or Indian land
  • Unexplained equipment like probes, shovels, picks, sifting screens, metal detectors, rock saws, trowels, or backhoes
  • Collections of pottery, arrowheads, or human remains
  • Internet search history about buying and selling artifacts
  • Involvement in criminal activity (like drug trafficking)

What a Damaged Site Looks Like

  • Freshly dug holes with loose soil
  • Evidence of digging, probing, or heavy machinery
  • Small piles of collected artifacts, especially pottery or metal objects
  • Graffiti (spray paint, chiseled areas, scratches, etc)
  • Dumped trash
  • Stashed tools (like shovels and probes) or clothing (like knee pads and gloves)

If you witness a Crime

Report a Damaged Site
Report a Damaged Site

    Collect a Reward

    The information provided above will remain confidential and will go directly to a
    U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs Special Agent.

    SAVE HISTORY offers a $1,000 reward for information leading to a conviction.

    We don’t care who you are, we just care what you know!

    If an Agent may contact you (and you agree to waive confidentiality), please provide the information below: