During the project of WWDI, the team was very lucky to work with Stars & Stripes, Honor Flight.  Joe Dean, Amy Klapper and Renee Riddle were amazing to work with.  Our team was honored to host a showing of Honor Flight, the Movie at Arrowhead Union High School.  We invited all of the Vets that we interviewed.  We used the money we earned from the showing of the movie to buy each of the 17 Veterans we interviewed a brick through Stars & Stripes to add to their new WWII Memorial located in Port Washington, WI.   Some of these Vets included stars of the movie; Harvey Kurz,  Joe Demler and Chuck Franzke. 

S.A.V.E. stands for Survivor and Veterans Experiences.  Our team travels to different places in Wisconsin and Illinois to interview WWII veterans and Holocaust survivors.

We videotape the interviews, edit them to add in the veterans' photos and other information, and then provide a copy to the families to save their family history.  Next, we combine the interviews onto a large DVD collection and share them for free with local libraries and schools.  Our interviews can be found in the collections at the National WWII Museum, the Palm Springs Air Museum, the Citadel, the National Archives, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.  

To watch some of our interviews online, please click the button below and then search S.A.V.E.

We are honored to save these heroes' stories for future generations!